Setting up Email Server

Tonight I am setting up an email server to host emails for the Cement Works Warkworth society that will be formed.

After getting this Web Site updated and set, the next task here was to get emails working.

For those who are interested, we have not gone down the free g-mail route, nor hosted through an internet company that charges $xx per month/per user. We’ve chosen to host our own emails and that involves setting up a mail server.

The mail server that I am setting up will be running on a Ubuntu Linux Server running on a MacBook Pro 2011 and I’ll be testing two mail systems out which are both open source and free to use. One is called iRedMail, and the other being Modoboa.

The two systems both will allow us to create as many email addresses as we would need for our society. The difference in the two will come down to how it looks, and what features they have that would fit a community society such as ourselves.

Once we have our email system setup, we will be sending out an email to all those who has registered their interest either via this web site or through the guest book we had at our Open Meeting to inform you all of what’s next.

Meanwhile, watch this space!

Site Update

Hi All, thank you to all those who has registered to our web site recently. Unfortunately we have had some maintenance issues with this site and will require those who registered previously, to re-register once our Registration page is back up and running.

I acknowledge that this is a hassle and I apologise that this may have caused an inconvenience.

Update 17 July 2019 – We were able to recover the user registration so the good news is those who had registered previously need not re-register 😉