Over 170 years of history sits right at the doorsteps of Warkworth New Zealand.

Back in the 1880’s, Wilson’s Cement Works situated near Warkworth, was made famous for being the first manufacturing plant to produce Portland cement in marketable quantities in the Southern Hemisphere. However, the history of this site dates back to the 1850’s where it was known for it’s Lime production.

Wilson’s Portland Cement Works, Warkworth, date unknown. Warkworth & District Museum, Tudor Collins Collection No.1650.

During it’s prime of around 45 years, the Wilson’s Cement Works has seen Portland cement being provided to a number of notable projects such as the Rangitoto Beacon, Grafton Bridge and Queen’s Wharf in Auckland, as well as Rotorua’s Bath House and Napier’s breakwater.

By 1929, Wilson Cement Works closed its plant. In the 1940’s, the site of the cement works was badly damaged due to a demolition exercise carried out by The Home Guard with the assistance of the US military.

Fast-forward to present day. The cement works is listed as a Historic Places Category 1, which recognises it as a place of outstanding historical or cultural significance. Whilst being categorised as such, this historical site is still being subjected to further damage due to neglect and vandalism.

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This site has been created as a home page for the incorporated society that is being formed to help save this historic location.

We are looking for interested people of the community to assist us in Protecting, Preserving, and Promoting this historic New Zealand site. If you are interested, then please drop us a line or register your interest by clicking the Register link above.

This site will be updated constantly as development progresses. So bookmark us and check back in from time to time.